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custom art

the story of

for years all i did was cover the walls

i wanted to be surrounded by the images and the frames that made me feel a certain way when i lived in my many little spaces. whether it was projecting / enjoying / pushing comfort / ideals to grow into / ideas to grow away from ... they were all put on the walls. 


now i think maybe my little anxiety tendrils, turned projects could be something for your walls as well

i just hope you enjoy

nest baby, nest

Untitled_Artwork 110.png

the owner

lena is the hands, brain, painter, printer, website designer, order manager, shipping pro, and basically it's just her ... for now

there are many hands that supported her heavily in this project:

karla | pia | nicola | mama | papa | adam  raisie | sof | zoe | meesh | jaime | lanie | sam  jenna | allison | jennie | sarah | mamie | matt  sheryl | sue | miriam | christine | daniel | gina  sarah | aaron | shawn

and so many more... i wish i had the space

IMG_2080 2.jpg
IMG_5664 2.jpg
IMG_9626 2.jpg
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