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    i believe very strongly in reducing our imprint on this earth. all frames are recycled and refurbished for new lives. paper backing on frames is recycled paper. packing paper is all biodegrable and recyclable. thank you cards are seeded paper you can plant for new flowers.
    stocked items shipping is 2-3 days processing, and then roughly 5-7 days to be delivered. frames can be fragile and take sometime to be wrapped! commisions personalized pieces, depending on order, will take 1-2 weeks to be completed and shipped. timing will be discussed when confirming a commision.
    yes, i do commisions! these are personalized pieces, based on my style of drawing, that can be custom made to your needs. i have drawn it all from pet portraits, sketches of sentimental homes, tattoo designs, medical office pieces, personal office art, anniversary commemorations, and all the odds between. if you would like a commisoned piece, please send me a message via the "contact" page form. please know that a deposit will be needed to start all commisions.
    please let me know!! i work hard on each piece to be a one of a kind and hate to think it would arrive less than perfect. send me a message on the "contact" page so i can help!
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